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Model VFC-6000 Film Cleaner

The model VFC-6000 is a dry brush-vacuum type 16/35mm cleaner which is specifically designed for Tele-Cine Chains. Film is automatically cleaned upon each pass through the cleaner before reaching the transfer head. This results in substantially cleaner film and labor savings.

The cleaner uses no solvents. This results in cost savings and the elimination of offensive or dangerous fumes.

Rotary brushes slightly contact the film and either gently brush the dirt to one side or pick up the dirt. Any dirt picked up by the brush is automatically vacuumed from the brush each revolution.

When this type of cleaner is used in film loop printing, one can expect to make 1000 copies from a negative and have the last print be as clean as the first.

Power requirement: 110 VAC 60Hz 0.4 amp or 230 VAC 50Hz 0.2 amp

Vacuum requirement: 1.5 in. hose, 7 to 15 in. water (13-28mm Hg)

Shipping weight: 12 lbs. / 5.4kg

Dimensions: 9.25 in. X 9.25 in. X 3.1 in. (235mm X 235mm X 79mm)

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