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The PSD-2 Pattern reader is used on printers, developing machines and the TFS ILD .  The reader reads a pattern (shown below) on 35mm film.  The reader accommodates ultrasonic splices, tape splices and staple splices.

On printers it is used for synchronizing light change information with the negative and also synchronizing the picture and sound track negatives to each other.  On developers it is used for precise automatic stopping on the take-up station.  Paired with the ILD, the PSD is used for triggering the reading of LAD patch densities.

The unit is sold with a decoder box.  The signal from the decoder box is a TTL level 10 millisecond pulse.  There is also an led on the decoder box that switches on and off due to the pattern passing though the PSD.  Power requirement is 15 VDC to the decoder box.

Calibration of the unit is done once at the factory.  Maintenance consists of cleaning the area above and below the film path with an alcohol swab.





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