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Printers Printer Accessories Processors Rewinds Miscellaneous Products
CPS LVC-6A Light Valve Controller CND-200 Processor REW-10 Rewind (6000ft) PSD-2 Pattern Detector
CPS-800 Light Valves CPD-500 Processor REW-9 Rewind (4000/2000ft) FIP-2000 Inspection Projector
Short Loop Printer Calibration Probe (used with LVC-6A) CPD-900 Processor REW-5 Trailer Breakdown Rewind FC-5 / FC-4 Brush Film Cleaner
  Model C Upgrade Kit CPD-1300 Processor   VFC-6000 Film Cleaner
  Lamp Current Controller CPD-200 70mm Processor   CV Vacuum Supplies
  Four Track Sound Head     35mm Rollers
        Developer Coupling
        Sprockets and Sprocket Assemblies

In-Line Densitometer


Sales conditions: unless otherwise negotiated, all sales are FOB Camarillo, CA USA. All taxes, licenses, permits , operating approvals, environmental permits and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

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