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PLC Printer Lamp

 Current Controller

Producing prints with tight sensitometric specifications requires precision light valves and a precision light source. The Precision Lamp Controller (PLC) is a constant current lamp driver designed to work with TFS Light Valve Controllers (LVC). Working together, these units allow the operator to accurately set the picture light value and maintain constant brightness.

The PLC consists of a power supply, current feedback power amplifier and interface to the LVC. The power supply and amplifier deliver up to 10 amps at 120 Volts DC. The amplifier feedback is connected to the LVC so the lamp current can be monitored and changed using the LVC interface. Changes in line voltage or in lamp contact resistance will not affect the lamp brightness due to the constant current. If a fault occurs in the system and the lamp current does not match the command setting, an error message is displayed on the LVC.

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