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LVC-6A Light Valve Controller


The LVC-6A was designed to replace the the LVC-5 controller which was designed approximately 20 years ago. The new design of the LVC-6A is based on the proven design of the LVC-5 using a modern high speed processor.


New Features of the LVC-6A


- 3.5" diskette and paper tape data entry

- Automatic transfer of paper tape data to diskette

- 1/10 light point increments are possible through diskette entry

- Any length fade possible through diskette entry

- Eliminates traditional fader by utilizing the zero close feature of the LV-6 light valve

-Cue delay is adjustable in both time and distance

-Cue delay is automatically adjusted with a change in printing speed
-Color LCD and touch screen display

-Newly designed, all metal paper tape reader


Standard LVC Features


- Automatic opening and closing of light valves with printer speed variation

- FCC, light point, and fade information stored in memory

- Display prompts for the operator

- Digital control of printing lamp current

- Guaranteed not to have frame count error upon repeated reversals of the print direction

- Optical frame count encoder

- Extensive self test and maintenance diagnostics

- Designed for use in model C, modular and loop printers

- Automatic light valve vane position checking

- Ability to calibrate the light valves when installed in a printer

LVC-6A Installed in a BHP 6127R Printer


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