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Light Valve


The Michelson Light Valve was designed to replace the mechanical light valve for all commercial printers.  This valve is the fastest and most accurate valve on the market; over 1,200 have been sold through out the world.  Same as the old style mechanical light valves, two screws hold the unit in place, allowing for an easy replacement.

This valve is protected by US patents 4,594,539 and 6,188,193B1 and pending.


Model LV-4 Light Valve

The LV-4 is commonly used in release printing.  The standard light point range is LP76 to LP0.  Time from full open to full close of the valves is 2 milliseconds; this means that while printing at 2000 feet per minute, light changes can be made only on the frame line.  Fully closed, the valve only transmits 1.0% of the light.

The model LV-4 light valve is identical to the LV-6 in size and shape.


Model LV-6 Light Valve

The LV-6 (in conjunction with the LVC-6A) features electronics that greatly expands the Light Point range relative to the LV-4.  The LV-6 has a unique overlapping vane design, allowing for a complete zero close of the valve.  This allows for A&B printing as well as fades and dissolves.  Replacing the conventional fader with LV-6's eliminates color shifts during the fade.  The fade is achieved by simultaneously closing all three valves under software control.



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