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Model CV Vacuum Supplies

The model CV-1 vacuum supply is a stand-alone vacuum supply designed to be used with the series FC-4 and FC-5 film cleaners. The CV-2 is designed to be used with the VFC-6000 cleaners. These vacuum supplies are ideally suited for laboratories which do not have a central vacuum. Both vacuum units include an air filter to prevent film dust from being blown into the laboratory. Additionally, these units have acoustic mufflers and vibration isolation mounts which make them barely audible in the laboratory environment. The vacuum motor is designed for UL yellow card recognition and CSA approval. Average life of the induction motor blower is in excess of 20,000 hours at 40C ambient temperature and 10 CFM air velocity.

Power requirements: CV-1: 110/220-230 VAC 3.7/1.9 amps 50-60Hz  CV-2: 110/220-230 VAC 11.4/5.7 amps 50-60Hz

Vacuum connections: CV-1: 1.5 in. diameter CV-2: 1.25 in. diameter

Shipping weight: CV-1: 90 lbs. / 41kg CV-2: 65 lbs. / 30kg

Dimensions: CV-1: 23.5 in. X 13.5 in. X 13.5 in. CV-2: 17 in. X 12 in. X 12 in.

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