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Model CND-200 CN Processor

CND-200 Layout Drawing (PDF)


  • These processors were designed to be the SAFEST PROCESSORS COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE. The film tension is the lowest of any processor in its class.

  • ULTRA CLEAN NEGATIVE is achieved through the TFS patented LAMINAR AIR FLOW DRY BOX. The dry box air flows parallel to the negative from top to bottom as opposed to across the film. This method eliminates most of the dirt picked up in ordinary dry boxes.

  • A most sophisticated COUNTERWEIGHT LEVEL SENSING SYSTEM monitors position of the counterweights in 85 separate locations in the processor. These sensors do not simply indicate a film break but indicate a change in level of the counter weights before they reach the end of their travel. This allows operators to feed leader before serious problems develop.

  • A safe processing speed at 200 FEET PER MINUTE (3600 meters per hour) is the fastest of any commercially available machines. An extremely large feed elevator provides for a 150 SECOND SPLICE TIME at 200 feet per minute operating speed.

  • The EXTREMELY LOW FILM TENSION is achieved through of the DUAL SPROCKET DRIVE.

  • In the event of electrical failure, a BATTERY BACKUP SYSTEM automatically switches to battery power without losing as much as one per cent in film speed. The changeover from line to battery is switched by solid state electronics. When line power returns the battery supply is automatically switched off.

  • These processors were designed for extremely LOW MAINTENANCE. The gears, bearings, racks and electronics etc. used in these processors are in most instances INTERCHANGEABLE WITH THE CPD-700 processor components.

  • Like the CPD-700 processors, the entire wet section may be raised by HYDRAULIC RAM for easy inspection and threading. This feature considerably ADDS TO THE SAFETY of the machine since the film can easily be inspected for torn perforations and the racks can be examined for pieces of film which might cause scratches.

  • The processor SPEED IS EXTREMELY ACCURATE; better than one per cent. Processor speed is DIGITALLY DISPLAYED.

  • Similar to the positive processors, the ramp down at the feed station is DIGITALLY CONTROLLED.

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