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Trailer Breakdown Rewind

The Technical Film Systems REW-5 Film Break-Down Rewind is used for breaking down large rolls of film containing numerous trailers, commercials, X-ray film, etc. into small uniformly tight rolls . The rewind automatically stops at the end of each trailer with no error build up. Two take-up spindles are supplied with each rewind; the customer has the option of specifying spindles for 1 inch diameter cores or spindles for 2 and 3 inch diameter cores.

To use the rewind, the operator sets the exact trailer length into a thumbwheel switch on the front panel. A roll of film is placed on the feed spindle and the end of film is attached to the take-up core. Rewinding starts as soon as the operator presses the start button and stops automatically after the specified length has been taken-up. The operator then cuts the film, removes the trailer, places an empty core on the take-up, attaches the new end to the empty core and repeats the process by pressing the start button again.

For a 200 foot trailer, the rewind time is about 12 seconds. For longer or shorter lengths the rewind time is correspondingly longer or shorter. Compared to manual break-down methods it is estimated the REW-5 will reduce labor time by at least a factor of three.

Power Requirement:  115 VAC 50/60 Hz at 10 Amps,

 or 230/240 VAC 50/60 Hz at 5 Amps

Weight:  176 Pounds

Dimensions:  37" Wide by 20" High by 15 1/2" Deep

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