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In-Line Densitometer




The In-Line Densitometer (ILD) measures film LAD patch densities while film is being transported out of the processors dry-box. ILD's are in use on 35mm negative and positive processors as well as 65 and 70mm processors.  The red, green and blue density readings are uploaded to a computer or network via an RS422 cable providing instantaneous density measurements. 

This unit is sold as a system which consists of an ILD, a Pattern Synch Detector (PSD), a power supply for the ILD, a decoder box for the PSD and a six foot 115 VAC power cord.  A PSD is required to trigger the ILD to read the LAD patch.  The PSD pattern, which is what triggers the PSD, must be incorporated into the leader of the film sample and positioned before the LAD patch.  The ILD measures the density on the centerline of the film while the processor is operating at speeds up to 1,500 feet per minute.

Calibration of the unit is done once at the factory.  Unlike desktop densitometers, cycling power to the unit and environmental temperature fluctuation will not effect the calibration.  Tests have shown the repeatability of density readings to be within 0.002 density over a period of 30 days.

Maintenance of the system consists of wiping the area above and below the film path with an alcohol swab.  Frequency of cleaning depends on the cleanliness of the environment.  


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