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Model CPD-500 CP Processor

CPD-500 Layout Drawing (PDF)

CPD-501 Layout Drawing (PDF)

CPD-504 Layout Drawing (PDF)

  • SPROCKETDRIVE-All TFS processors are of the sprocket drive type. All drive sprockets have teeth on both sides of the sprocket. Each rack has 3 sprockets.

  • EXTREMELY LOW MAINTENANCE-Gear replacement is on a yearly rather than weekly
    or monthly basis. Only the developer has plastic main bearings which require periodic replacement.

  • HYDRAULIC RAM OPERATION-The entire rack assembly may be lifted out of the tanks for easy inspection and dry running of the processor The hydraulic piston is hard chrome plated.

  • Optional DAYLIGHT OPERATION of the entire wet section.


  • Very RUGGED DESIGN-all tanks are constructed of 11 gauge (.120 inch) type 316 stainless steel or Titanium. The feed station, dry box, and takeup stations are all constructed of type 304 Stainless Steel.

  • SOUND TRACK APPLICATION is effected with the TFS EXTRUSION STRIPER. This application method extrudes the sound track stripe, rather than rolling it onto the film.

  • The feed station employs a DIGITALLY CONTROLLED RAMP DOWN; this allows the feed roll to come to a very soft stop without requiring any operator assistance and provides for a very long splice time.

  • The BREAK SENSOR SYSTEM has one or two break sensors per rack. Upon detection of a brake the machine will automatically come to a stop. Location of the break in the processor is centrally displayed.

  • The machine speed is DIGITALLY DISPLAYED at the takeup station.

  • EXTREMELY ACCURATE MACHINE SPEED of better than one percent is maintained by a pulse width modulation amplifier.

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