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35mm Action and Sound Rollers


The TFS aluminum 35mm rollers vary in diameter from 1 1/4" to 5" for both action roller and sound roller.  These light weight rollers have a hard highly polished ceramic coating where film contacts the rollers' lands and flanges.  The 4" and 5" diameter rollers are the most recent addition to our product line; they are of the same design and quality as the 3" diameter rollers that is standard in all our equipment and which TFS has been supplying as spare parts for over 25 years.  For 16mm, 65mm and 70mm please inquire at techfilm@techfilmsystems.com.  Each part number below is a link to a PDF file showing basic dimensions of that roller.

1 1/4" Rollers:

B41-0116   Assy. - Roller, 1.25" *

2" Rollers:

B54-0208    Assy. - Roller, 2" Aluminum

B142-0137    Assy. - Roller, 2" Aluminum (S/T )

2.5" Rollers:

B138-0112    Assy. - Roller, 2.5 Inch

3" Rollers:

B31-0105    Roller Assembly - Aluminum 3" (w/ bearings)

B31-0108A    Roller Assembly - Aluminum, 3" (w/ bearings and shaft)   

B142-0136    Roller  - Assembly, 3" S/T (w/ bearings)

B137-0127    Roller Assy. - Stabilizer (w/ bearings & O-Rings)**

4" Rollers:

C50-0110    Assy. - Roller, 4" Action

C50-0111    Assy. - Roller, 4" S/T

5" Rollers:

C50-0112    Assy. - Roller, 5" Action

C50-0113    Assy. - Roller, 5" S/T


*    These rollers are not polished.

** This is a guide roller that is normally mounted on a swing arm.

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